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Here is a list of technical and other indicators that we will be discussing in our Program Trading Seminars.  See if your favorite is listed.  If not contact us and we will add it to the list.

PREM.... one of the few indicators that leads the market over 95% of the time.
TIKI.... not 1 trader in a 1,000,000 even knows it.  Do you?
Gaps.... up, down, or Cumberland?  Can they predict the PREM?
Moving Averages.... which ones work and which ones don't.
William's %r..... one of the best if you know how to use it correctly.
Relative Strength Index.... the best way to set it for S&P's.
Directional Movement and ADX.... the only real trend indicator?
Stochastic, MACD, Momentum, and other Oscillators.... are they better than 50/50?
Parabolic stops.... using them backwards between 10:00 and 2:00.
Support and Resistance levels.... not worth anything unless from the bottom up.
Gann angles.... great theory, looks good, but does it work?
Fibonacci numbers.... two very important numbers and no they are not .618 and 1.618.
Elliot Wavers and 20/20 hindsight.... always the best count, after the fact.
Forecast cycles or motorcycles.... and "just a little bit of history repeating"?
Bollinger Bands, Regression Bands, Uni-Channel Bands, or Marching Bands?
Commodity Channel, Donchian Channel, Kelter Channel, or Disney Channel?
Average True Range, Narrow Range, or Home on the Range.... which one?
Rate of Change or Change of Rates.... which one works?
Artificial Intelligence, Neural Nets, Black Boxes, or Fuzzy Logic?.
On Balance Volume and other Granville goodies.... is this obvious to you?
Trin, Arms, or Legs...the most watched indicator of all time?
Ticks or fleas...does the tail wag the dog?   Does the tick work?
Advance/decline lines or tan lines.... a day at the beach is better than a day online?
The Delta Phenomenon or Pentaflex.... fours or files....which one works best?
Pivots or Divots.... mathematics or golf.... which one works?
Using Chaos, the Eye of the Pyramid and other mystic goodies.
Event Trading.... Option expiration, Triple Witching, FOMC, and holidays.
Economic Report Trading.... UN, PPI, CPI, LEI, GDP, or BFD?

If your favorite indicator is not listed just hit the link below and send it to us.  We'll include it in the next seminar.  If you are currently using any of the indicators mentioned above, please click here.

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