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Program Trading Live from HL Camp & Co.



Program Trading Live from HL Camp & Co.

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HL Camp Program Trading Live Information from the very best program trading firms, the floor of the NYSE, and the very best hedge funds and mutual funds. Just as as soon as we know it, you know it. Plus live updates to HL Camp Program Trading Research with all of the changes in the odds throughout the day. The only real time program trading information in the world.

Live Program Trading Information is the most predictable tool that you can use with your trading. Program Trading is over 90% of the volume almost every day and on many days runs a lot, lot more. If you know what that program trading volume is doing, then you have an edge with your trading that few traders ever have. To have that edge, you must log in to Program Trading Live The only real time program trading information in the world.

Our firm has spent over 48 years, building relationships with program trading professionals on Wall Street and in Chicago, and Switzerland, Germany, England, France, and Japan.  We have been active in stocks on the NYSE for over 48 years. And in the S&P's on the CME for over 41 years. The relationships built over the past 48 years, cannot be easily replicated.  The program trading information that flows though our program trading desk is some of the most valuable trading information in the world. And you can have that program trading information right on your screen in real time with Program Trading Live.

Clients tell us that the trades made by XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX (the market maker symbols are changed to protect the guilty) blowing up retail brokers and customers, run at about a 95% success rate and are well worth the price of your subscription to Program Trading Live for just that program trading information alone. We have not independently verified those statements but we have no reason to doubt our clients. Every day these very good program trading firms destroy retail brokers and traders. Most likely you have been blown up in the past. Now you have the opportunity to see that coming at you in advance on Program Trading Live.

To subscribe to Program Trading Live please  click here. We will program your user name and password and email you your confirmation for payment and log in information. For additional information about Program Trading Live subscription rates, click here.



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Program Trading from HL Camp