Program Trading Strategies

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Program Trading Strategies

I trade E-mini's.  How does that work with your research?

You can use our Program Trading S&P Report to trade the E-mini's. You will know in advance which way program trading will move the markets and at a pre-determined time of the day it will happen.

For example, if our computers project that the PREM low for the day will be at 10:35 and that the PREM high for the day will be at 1:55, then you have a game plan for trading the markets on that day.

The ES E-Mini contract is the most active and liquid trading vehicle in the world and exactly where you want to be with your day trading.  Most stocks and ETF traders do not know that, so don't tell them.

Also, the ES contract moves in only four basic patterns.  The best program trading firms know those patterns well.  So should you.

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