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NASDAQ Day Trading Secrets

NASDAQ Day Trading Secrets

Are you day trading stocks but still having trouble with market direction?

Here is what you need to know.  In their book Electronic Day Traders' Secrets by Marc Friedfertig and George West, the authors quote famous day traders that are telling us their secrets for success.  Here is what these day trading experts say that you need to know if you are going to be successful at day trading.

From Marc McCord:
"I'm watching how the Standard & Poor's 500 is acting, and how the leaders like Yahoo!, Amazon, Dell, Intel, and Microsoft are acting."  "The market - the Standard and Poor's 500 Index futures - is coming in, meaning it's going lower; and you're looking to short Amazon."

From Serge Millman:
"I see where the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index futures are trading...".

From Randy Guttenberg:
"A lot of it involves seeing a stock not acting as it should in relation to the S&P 500 futures."  "I would see a big move in the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index futures and I'd want to buy some stock.  So I would think, what should I buy? But the futures had already started to make their move.  I wasn't getting in early enough.  I would pay up for stocks and wasn't capitalizing on them."  "Every time the S&P futures started to rally, Dell was not going as far as expected.  So when the futures started to come in, Dell was on my list as a potential short."  "Scared money never wins.  The S&P futures would make these big moves, and I was leery."

From Roy Sidikman:
"If I can hold the position and the S&P futures start turning my direction, my bid becomes the support level and the price never even goes lower."

From Steve Girden:
"It used to be that if the bonds and the S&P futures and the NASDAQ futures are going up, you'd buy Intel, Dell, Microsoft, or Oracle, and you could expect to make a point."

From Tom Hendrickson:
"- you might hold that position even though the S&P futures have just dropped and the NASDAQ futures are following."

From Jonathan Petak:
"If the S&P futures are coming down, but the overall trend is strong, you want to buy."

From Jim Shaw:
"I'm constantly looking at...the direction of the S&P 500 futures."  "If I see strength in the SOX, then when S&P futures turn up I'm going to get long chip stocks."  "It really comes down to feel and what the market is doing.  I use the S&P 500 futures a lot."


The one secret weapon that all of these famous day traders use is the Standard and Poor's 500 Stock Index Futures Contract.  That is not the same as SPX, INX,  or SPY.  By watching the S&P's, these traders know what their stocks are going to do in the very near future.

Now here is our secret.  If you want to know what the S&P's are going to do in the very near future, then you need to watch one more four letter symbol.   And that four letter symbol, that the most profitable day traders use, is not even on a Level II or Level III screen.

There is only one firm in the world, whose entire research effort and day trading research is based on it.  We are the firm.  The four letter symbol is PREM.   SP-PREM and PREM A0 (zero not O) on good data feeds and $PREM, $SPS, $SPINX, and other variations on mediocre data feeds.

And PREM predicts the S&P's.

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