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Index Arbitrage Definition

Welcome to the Secret World of Index Arbitrage

Thank you for taking your time to inquire about our firm and index arbitrage.  One of the world's leading investors recently said, "HL Camp & Co. is Wall Street's best kept secret".  Why?  Because we are the only investment advisor in the world that offers any information whatsoever on computer assisted trading programs, buy and sell program execution levels, and how those index arbitrage programs will affect your trading and your investments.

Program trading and index arbitrage can cause wild swings in the market averages. Over the past 20 years, we have collected program trading activity on a tick by tick basis and have identified repeating patterns of that activity.  We continue to monitor every buy and sell program, tick by tick, every trading day.  In addition, we have contacted hundreds of program traders and firms who actually execute buy and sell program trades to help identify and confirm the existence of these patterns.  Now, we are offering our Program Trading Research to other trading firms and sophisticated investors.

Our Program Trading Research is designed specifically for you to trade your own account.  As a subscriber to our research, you will benefit from the email and fax reports that we generate each night before the markets open.  For instance, you can utilize our daily program trading information and pattern recognition systems to more effectively trade S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, and their E-mini futures contracts, OEX and SPX put and call options, Dow Jones futures contracts, and other derivatives, and the stocks in those indexes.  In addition, some of the best electronic day traders on NASDAQ Level II, use our PREM information for day trading those stocks.  Our forecasts enable you to enhance your prospects of making the most lucrative trades possible, and at the same time avoid getting trapped in a trade while buy or sell programs hit you broadside.

Our research will tell you in advance which way buy and sell programs will move the markets and at what time to expect those moves.  Our clients find that it is very accurate and reliable.  However, our past performance and research reports can in no way guarantee you future success in trading.  Nor, can we guarantee you that you will not have losses.  But, we feel certain that you will benefit from our Program Trading Research with your trading.  If you are trading any of the securities or commodity futures contracts mentioned on this site, you should click here.  Then....

Why not subscribe to our  Program Trading Research for 90 days and see if our reports can help you.   We are very confident that you will trade better using one of our daily reports.  Please call our marketing representatives in the USA at 561.622.6600, or click here to make the simple arrangements to begin receiving our daily program trading reports.  If you have any specific questions, feel free to call, or email us and we will discuss our research with you directly.  We welcome your call.  Since our program trading research is not suitable for all investors, we like to talk with prospective clients about suitability before they subscribe to our research.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

The Frequently Asked Questions file should answer most of the questions you may have about computer assisted trading programs and our Program Trading Research.  If you would like to learn more about program trading and index arbitrage and our pattern recognition systems, join us for one of our Program Trading Seminars.

Thank you again for your interest in computer assisted trading programs, HL Camp & Company, and our Program Trading Research and Seminars. If you have additional questions, would like to become a subscriber of our research, or attend one of our seminars, please send us your requests.

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