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HL Camp Review | Program Trading Firms | NASDAQ Market Makers

HL Camp Review | Program Trading Firms

Program Trading averages more than 90% of the volume every day and on some days it runs a lot lot more. During expiration week in June it runs over 98% of the volume. If you are trading stocks and index futures and options it is mandatory for you to know program trading and the premium execution levels for buy and sell programs. And you must know exactly who is doing the program trading, exactly what time they are doing it, and with which stocks.

In order to help you learn more about that, we've listed the top program trading firms below.  We've also included their four letter Market Maker Symbol for making markets on Level III on the NASDAQ system. Please do not confuse a Market Maker Symbol with a corporation's stock quotation symbol. For example, the stock quotation symbol SUSQ is for Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc. and they are not market makers or program traders.

If you are trading stocks on Level II you need to know which Market Makers you should be watching very closely.  Especially when you see PREM move.  We pay special attention to the NASDAQ Market Makers in red.  If you would like to know why, then contact us and we will tell you all about it and what you think is amazing is actually standard operating procedure for us. 


UBS Securities, LLC


Merrill Lynch

GSCO Goldman Sachs & Co. MSCO Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc.
WEDB Wedbush Securities SBSH Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.
CDEL Citadel Securities, LLC JPMS JP Morgan Securities, LLC


Two Sigma, LLC


Bank of America Securities


Commerzbank Capital, Inc.

DBAB Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc.


Barclays Capital, Inc.

HSBC HSBC Securities Inc.
SGAS SG Americas Securities, LLC BNPS BNP Paribas Securities Corp.
RBCD RBC Capital Markets, LLC SCMC Scotia Capital Markets Inc.


Jefferies Execution Services

NMRA Nomura Securities, Inc.


Wells Fargo Securities LLC

IBKR Interactive Brokers SUSQ SIG Brokerage LP
TDSI TD Securities  LLC CIBC CIBC World Markets Corp.
LIME Lime Trading Corp VIRT Virtu Americas LLC
ABNA ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago


Apex Clearing Solutions LLC.

STFL Stifel Nicolaus & Co, Inc.


PIper Sandler & Co.

Now you know who is doing all of this program trading. But in order to find out at exactly what time they are doing it, you will have to do a lot of work. For most traders, it is a lot easier to just buy our Program Trading Research. And if you want to know which stocks that they are using you will have to have a ton of computer equipment and software and good super fast data feeds and do a lot of research and study. If you would like to know how we do it, then use the contact us link below and we will call you with the URL's for some additional private links about that. If you would like to know which stocks they have been using lately the contact us and we will tell you that also.

Additional information about which stocks are being bought and sold and which algorithm is set for high frequency trading, is available by subscribing to our Program Trading Daily Report. If you would like to subscribe then click here.

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