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Program Trading Seminars from HL Camp

Program Trading Seminars

Program Trading is over 90.00% of the volume every day and on some days it runs a lot lot more. And the more you know about program trading and that volume, the better you will trade your own account. It really is that simple. So plan now to study program trading this year by attending our Program Trading Seminars

Learn Program Trading. The best decision you will make this year.

Saturday & Sunday June 15 & 16, 2024

Learn the benefits of Program Trading 101, click here.

Learn the benefits of Program Trading 501, click here.

Yes Red and Green are two of our secret Program Trading Pattern Recognition Colors that you must know well if you are going to succeed at trading.

Almost all of your winners were on these two patterns. But even more importantly, almost all of your losses were on two other patterns that you should have avoided and not traded. Studying these patterns is the best trading decision you will make this year, and will immediately keep from making more losing trades as you have in the past.

If you would like to attend, please contact us and make your reservations. Attending Program Trading 101 and Program Trading 501 is the single best trading decision that you will make this year.

Each seminar starts at 9:00 ET and lasts until the last question is answered.  A very intensive all day seminar covering everything you need to know about computer assisted trading programs and high frequency trading the ES, SPY, and other indexes, and Dow, NASDAQ, OEX, and SPX stocks and ETF's and their put and call options. Before the seminar, you will be emailed a questionnaire to send back to us.  It will enable us to customize elements of the seminar to accommodate your personal interests.  You will be provided all seminar materials and study guides and lunch will be provided for you.

Introduction to Program Trading

  • To the world's leading authority from way back when?

  • Computers, computer salesmen, and the geek of the week.

  • Data feeds and software, information and how to crunch it.

  • Real time charts and time frames...ticks-R-us.

  • Technical Indicators ...what works and what doesn't.

  • What is Fair Value and buy/sell execution levels?

  • What is the PREMIUM?  The only information anywhere on how to use it correctly.

  • What is the TIKI?  The only information available anywhere on how to use it correctly.

Program Trading Pattern Recognition
  • The Six Evils of technical analysis and why technical analysis does not work for the S&P, Dow, NASDAQ, and SPX stocks, options, and index futures.

  • Introduction to our Program Trading Pattern Recognition Systems and their consistent and predictable replication for this year.

Program Trading and Your Account
  • Trading ES, NQ, and YM contracts using program trading premium levels.

  • Trading SPY, SPX, and QQQ put and call options and pre-programmed trading.

  • Index Arbitrage, electronic trading on Level III, and flipping Program Trading Stocks.

  • INDU, OEX, and NDX Stock offset and pair trading.

  • Using our Program Trading Research.

Program Trading and Your Future

  • We have met the ENEMY, and they are us.

  • Written GOALS & the no huddle offense.

  • TIME is money and money is everything.

  • Fire your boss, change your career, and trade for a LIVING.

  • Setting up your Program Trading Office.

What to know more about the benefits of attending Program Trading 101 click here.

What to know more about the benefits of attending Program Trading 501 click here.

program trading seminars

Our seminars are in full compliance with the annual Continuing Education (CE) requirements mandated by the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for all Broker/Dealers, Registered Representatives, and Associated Persons.  

Our clients have emailed us the following comments over the past 30 years.

Here are some comments from our clients about our Seminars:

"HL Camp is Wall Street's best kept secret!" ... Member, NYSE.

"Nowhere on the floor will you see the correct PREM or TIKI and that is why HL Camp is so important to our trading. " ...  Member, NYSE.

"Your pattern recognition systems are unbelievably accurate." ... Member, CME.

"Thanks for the only accurate information in the world on the PREM and the  TIKI, and how to use them correctly." ... Member, NYSE.

"I've been on Wall Street for 30 years, never have I seen anything like this!"  ...Mutual Fund Manager, New York.

"The best program trading information in the world." ... Hedge Fund Manager, Greenwich, CT

"I thought the markets were manipulated.  Now I know it for sure."  ... Prop Trader, New York

"Now I know why Program Traders rarely lose.  I sure wish I had discovered the PREM sooner!" ...Stockbroker, Washington, DC

"I've attended a lot of seminars on trading.  Yours on program trading is the best one of them all.  ...Day Trader, Las Vegas.

"HL Camp is the best seminar I have ever attended on trading."...Executive, Los Angeles.

"The best day I've ever spent studying the markets."...Business Owner, New York.

"The most information on trading that I've ever seen." ...Commodity Trader, Maryland.

"A long and intensive day, packed full of information ...the best trading decision I've ever made."... Business Owner, Texas.

"Your seminar completely changed my outlook on the markets AND my career."...Physician, Los Angeles

Your fee to attend our level one seminar Program Trading 101 is $2225.00.

Your fee to attend our level two seminar Program Trading 501 is $2225.00.

If you attend both Program Trading 101 and Program Trading 501 on the same weekend your total fee for both seminars is $3950.00.   That is a savings of $500.00.

Payment may be made by check or credit card. We also accept Fed Funds Wires from overseas firms. We will be glad to assist you in making your reservations and answering any questions you may have. Space is limited as we intentionally keep our seminars small for more in-depth and personal attention. So please make your reservations early. Call our offices in the United States at +1 561-747-5000 or if you prefer use the link below to contact us.

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