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CQG data feed

Do you use the CQG data feed?

Data vendors and trading platforms are like politicians.  There is no such thing as a good one.  We all vote for the least worse guy.  

Since most trading firms like MLCO, BOFA, MSCO and SBSH (and most hedge funds not clearing GSCO) use the Bloomberg and Reuters data feeds, (which are very similar to the CQG data feed) those firms do not have as good of information as you can have on your very own computer.  And by using your computer well, you can blow them up, almost every day.  A relatively simple process, once you learn what time to do it.

But to do that effectively, you must program into your computer the correct program trading symbols.  Symbols that MLCO, BOFA, MSCO, and SBSH do not even have running correctly on their Bloomberg and Reuters machines!  And therefore your advantage over them.

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