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HL Camp Program Trading and Our Web Sites

We planned this web site in early 1997 to help investors understand more about program trading and the stock market, index arbitrage, fair value, buy and sell premium execution levels and which stocks we have weighted for buy and sell programs.  And during all of that time, we never changed the format.  That is 14 years with the same format and in internet years that is like a century ago.

So finally in 2011, we changed a little.  With a little newer format for you, a new FAQ program to help answer your questions about program trading and the stock market and also two more web sites at programtradingresearch.com and programtradinglive.com to meet the demand for our Program Trading Research and Program Trading Live.   All of that has been built to last for another 14 years and longer.  Then maybe we will change the format again some day.

If there is anything about program trading and your investments that is not incorporated here, that you would like to learn a lot more about, then contact us with your questions.  We encourage your comments and will reply promptly to your requests for additional information.

What no bells, no whistles, no goofy charts? 

  • No .mpeg, .mpg, or VMRL?

  • No .wav or .au and No WHAM?

  • No .ra, .mid, .aiff, or .voc either?

  • No .avi, .mov, .fli, or .flc?

That is just some of the usual internet junk that our touchy feely public relations firm wanted us to add to this web site.  But we learned long ago that on Wall Street there are some very true sayings about "slick" information.

..."The flashier the presentation, the more worthless the investment."

 Remember all of those fancy tax shelter deals back in the 80's!

..."Avoid stocks with a full color annual report. Buy the ones that Xerox their 10-k and mail it to you."

 Just ask any broker that deals in NASDAQ stocks.

..."The longer the fundamental research report, the better the short."

Just ask any big wire house broker about 20 page research reports that clog up his email every morning.

Plus all of those touchy feely files are memory hogs and take forever to load.  And in Wall Street time is money.  Our clients don't have time to wait for the all of the bells and whistles to load from a fancy web page. They need program trading information, and they need it right NOW!   So if you are looking for a site with all of the latest bells and whistles to entertain you, you probably should look elsewhere.

But if you need program trading information right now, then we are it. Our web sites are written mostly with FrontPage 2003, Expression Web 4, and Dreamweaver. Our web sites are best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 since over 95% of our clients use Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10 Pro. Firefox works ok too, as does Chrome, but not as well on Program Trading Live. Your droid and iphone work well also.

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