The Secret World of Program Trading 2023

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Program Trading is a secret world by HL Camp & Co.

The Secret World of Program Trading.

Welcome to the secret world of program trading. One of the world's leading investors has always said, "HL Camp is Wall Street's best kept secret."  Why? Because he knows that we are the only investment adviser in the world that offers any information on program trading and how it will affect your fund and your trading.

Program trading is a very secret business. And it causes huge moves in the markets. For over 40 years, we have collected program trading activity and have identified repeating patterns of that activity. We continue to monitor every buy and sell program every day. We have contacted hundreds of program traders, and the very best program trading firms, to help identify and confirm the existence of these program trading patterns. Now, we are offering our Program Trading Research to other trading firms, managed funds, and sophisticated traders like you.

Our Program Trading Research is designed for you to trade your firm and fund accounts. As a subscriber to our research, you will benefit from the reports that we generate each night and morning before the market opens. For instance, you can utilize our program trading information and our program trading pattern recognition to more effectively trade indexes and stocks in the S&P 100 and NASDAQ 100, and SPY and SPX put and call options, and other index derivatives. Our program trading forecasts enable you to enhance your prospects of making the most lucrative trades possible and at the same time avoid getting trapped in a trade while buy or sell programs hit you broadside. Our research will tell you in advance which way buy and sell programs will move the markets and at what time to expect those moves. And we feel certain that you will benefit from our Program Trading Research with your own trading.

Try our Program Trading Research for few quarters and see just how well our program trading reports can help you.   We are very confident that you will trade much better with the program trading information contained in our reports.   Please click here and tell us your would like to begin receiving our program trading reports.

Our Frequently Asked Questions program should answer most of the questions you have about program trading and our research and seminars.   If you have a question that is not answered, then contact us and will will answer your question promptly.   And if you would like to learn a lot more about program trading, then join us for our Program Trading Seminars.

Thank you again for your interest in program trading, HL Camp & Co, and our Program Trading Research and Program Trading Seminars.   If you have additional questions, would like to become a subscriber of our research, or attend one of our seminars, please send us your request by using the link below.
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