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Retail customers trade based on price.  Most lose money doing it.

Program Trading Desks trade based on time. They make money doing it.

And they have our program trading clocks on the wall to tell the time every day. Now you can have the very same program trading clocks and the program trading times by subscribing to our Program Trading Clocks. The clocks are a visual interpretation of a part of our program trading research report entitled Today's S&P Market Report. And they are designed to accompany that program trading research report. If you are a subscriber to our Program Trading Research, and if you are not you should be, then you will receive a 20% discount on your subscription to our Program Trading Clocks.

Your discounted subscription to Program Trading Clocks is $1280.00 each quarter.

Program Trading Clocks is a stand alone program trading research product. And if you do your own research and only want to know the program trading times on our clocks, then...

Your subscription to Program Trading Clocks is $1600.00 each quarter.

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