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Program Trading Software from HL Camp & Co.

Program Trading Software

Here is a list of the date feed and software programs that we will be discussing in our seminars.  See if your favorite is listed.  If not use the contact link below and tell us your favoritel and we will add it to the list.

  • it now the cleanest and fastest? And the TIKI almost perfect?

  • the internet?  Very fast and accurate.

  • it the cleanest and faster?  But by satellite or your ISP?

  • QCharts...onto the internet two?  But who's data is it really?

  • PCQuote...onto the internet too, but are the indicators correct? 

  • Track Data...onto the internet three? 

  • myTrack...onto the internet three and a half?  And from a stockbroker?

  • ACTIV Financial...onto the internet four?

  • CyberTrader 2.0...onto the internet five?  Who's data is it?  And from a stockbroker?

  • Futures Source...corn and cattle, but are all of the indicators working correctly?

  • CQG...more corn, more cattle, but are all of the indicators correct?  And at this price?

  • Bloomberg... even higher priced, but are the indicators now correct?

  • Thompson ONE...every bid and every offer for every broker.  But what about the indicators?

  • Reuters Quotron...every bid and offer everywhere, but are the indicators correct?

  • NYFIX Millennium...flipping listed stocks with the big banks, but are the indicators correct? 

  • Quotrek...a day at the beach is better than a day in the pits. But for how much longer?

  • CNBC...its free with your cable.  So the price is right.

  • or dos? internet or satellite?

  • Vista Charts...finally history you can actually see!

  • TC2000...easy money with "EasyScans"?

  • Telescan...thank goodness for "Pro-Search"?

  • Real Tick III.....onto Level II , but are the hyperfeed indicators correct?

  • Aspen Graphics...rocky mountain high.  But price or profit?

  • Appian Graphics...multi-monitors and multi-prices, with only one card?

  • TradeStation...4.0 or 2000i or 8.0.  Which one works?  And with what data feed?

  • Master Chartist...more graphics stuff.

  • Super Charts...more graphics stuff.

  • Bull's-Eye Broker 3.02....more graphics but with point and figure.

  • RadarScreen 2000i...more searching from the TradeStation folks.

  • MetaStock 7.2...retail stuff for the retail crowd with 26 performance systems?

  • Advanced Get...Gann and Elliot together?  After the count is over? And from eSignal?

  • WinWaves 32...more Elliott, more windows, more counts?

  • Elwave 5.1...more Elliott, more windows, more counts too?

  • Ganntrader Elliott, more windows, more Gann, more arcs, and cycles?

  • HotTrader 2.081...more windows, more Gann, more cycles, and swings?

  • CycleTrader Gann, more cycles, or how much is your Harley worth?

  • to speak Greek in one program.

  • Option Station 2000i...even more Greek from the TradeStation folks.

  • AIQ TradingExpert boxes are better?  Thinking for yourself?

  • AIQ Option Expert...Greek black boxes are even better?

  • ASC Trend...more black boxes too?  And now eASC Trend 6.0? 

  • NeuroShell Trader...neural nets aka black boxes and now with fuzzy patterns.

  • Biocomp Profit...more neural nets.

  • NeuroDimension 1.1...more neural nets and trading solutions.

  • Pro Analyst 4.0....TA for Mac's

  • CSI...all of the daily data everywhere, error free?.

  • ProphetDirect...end of day, cleaner, faster?

  • Trader's Access...quote downloading, charting, and ASCII exporting?

  • Tick Data...every tick everywhere and now one minute on 1000 equities?

If your favorite is not listed just hit the link below and contact us.  Tell us your favorite.  We'll include it in the next seminar.

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